North Georgia Mountains


Oh Blue Ridge, you are a beaut!  Every year my family (Meagan’s) takes a group vacation to a wonderful cabin outside of Blue Ridge, Georgia.  It is only a few hours from home but feels eons away.  This year, thanks a project Evan had, we were able to precede the cabin trip with a camping stay at Tallulah Gorge. We had friends join us for the first part of the trip and it was such a joy to enjoy the friendship and the outdoors.  We spent a lot of time traveling this year with the camper but never really just took time until this trip to enjoy the camper for what it is and to simply enjoy the spot in which it was parked.  Sometimes true bliss is found in slowing down a little, hanging out with friends, building a fire and eating all weekend.  I mean, that type of fellowship is what really got us going with the whole camper thing anyway. 

We spent just a little bit of time hiking around the gorge and finding waterfalls before our friends left and the rain came.  And when I say the rain came, I mean like monsoons. For days.  Anyone in the south can tell you that the rain pretty much started November 1st and didn’t stop until Christmas Day! Even in the rain we continued our adventures and then headed towards Blue Ridge.

Once in the mountains there was a lot of eating, playing and enjoying the view.  When the sun came out for a day we ran towards the chance of seeing another waterfall and taking the rents along for the hike.  Our favorite family outing in Blue Ridge is always visiting Mercier Orchards.  We pretty much spend the day taste testing, wandering around and then buying way too many apple products to take with us for later consumption.  It’s what dreams are made of really. (I just realized this entire blog is pretty much about food…insert shrugging shoulder emoji here).  Another highlight for all of us this year was taking the kids on the Blue Ridge Train for a round trip to the spot where Copperhill, Tennessee and McCaysville, Georgia meet.  Our little junior engineers were in awe watching the terrain go by and having their tickets clicked by the conductor. Kids on a train is cute.

All in all, it was another great trip at a wonderful time of year full of relaxing with fires in the fireplace, taking time to put puzzles together, watching kids run around acting like kids and just enjoying each other and the great outdoors. Fall=The Best

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