Easter in the Desert

We woke up yesterday morning excited for Resurrection Day.  I mean, how can you NOT be excited to know that the Savior came back to life for YOU?!

The campground where we were stationed was kind enough to have an early morning easter egg hunt for the kids so of course they ate up that fun and attention.  After a quick wardrobe change we headed off to church with camper in tow. Think they knew we were tourists?

Finding a church was a bit of an adventure.  We called one church trying to inquire about a service time and got a cell phone voicemail for the “town bail bondsman and Sunday church preacher.” We didn’t go there but I do wonder what type of stories that guy throws in to spice up his sermons.  We ended up at Williams First Baptist Church (insert random fun fact: Williams Arizona was the last town on Route 66 to be bypassed by the interstate) where we were warmly greeted.  It wasn’t the same experience as our home church that we missed being at SO much but it was refreshing to worship in collaboration with other believers on the greatest day of the year!  One highlight of the service was Kyrie praying for the 100 or so people in attendance.  They had all the children come on stage for a prayer before heading off to children’s church and asked if one of the regular attending kids wanted to pray.  When that child passed on the opportunity Kyrie jumped at the chance to grab the mic.  Once she started to pray for everyones food she realized that this was not a meal situation and looked at the pastor for a little help on what to say.  It was sweet. And funny. Evan and I were both too on our toes waiting to see if we needed to escort her off stage that we didn’t think to snap a picture. Photo proof fail #2.  

After church we had an oh so fancy on the road lunch of McDonalds and headed towards the California line where we learned that 3 things happen when you enter California on interstate 40.
1.You are warmishly welcomed by an agricultural checkpoint - AKA California boarder patrol.  They were OK with our bag of Apples from New Mexico and didn’t feel the need to search our vehicle and camper.  They must be scared of small children.
2.Gas prices go up by 2 DOLLARS A GALLON…My newest hope is for the car to grow wings and catch air pockets towards the rest of our destinations.
3.You are in the desert FOR*E*VER.  More than once we have passed a “53 miles until the next services” sign. Don’t run out of gas or have a bathroom emergency out here people. When I think of California I think of big cities and big trees and I know those things will come eventually (if all the sand and rock haven’t overtaken them by the time we arrive).

road trip-146.jpg

We made camp in the Mojave Desert around 4:00 in the afternoon and enjoyed tacos and a great view.  We were completely off grid and it was GLORIOUS.  Watching the sun go down and then come back again over the Mojave made all the miles of nothing worth it.  Not being attacked by poisonous snakes or the like was a huge plus as well. 

Today we are taking on more desert in search for green vegetation and Sequoia National Park where we get three whole nights in one location.  Hallelujah!