Viva Las Vegas

I bet every blog about Vegas is named that.  Las Vegas was interesting.  I’m glad we went but we were missing the woods already in our short time there.  If we were gambling or show folks it would be right up our ally but since we aren’t gamblers and shows aren’t in Evan or the kids repertoire of favorite things I feel like we accomplished a lot in our 36 hours on the ground there.  We made the drive around town when we arrived so we could see all the lights.  Kyrie was hilarious screaming out what she saw “Pink!  Purple!  Castle!  Green New York Lady!  Eiffel Tower!  Pink birds!  Weird clown!”  Gray liked the lights and sights as well but was mostly mesmerized by how close the airport was to town and how he could constantly see airplanes landing and taking off.  If you are at the Welcome To Las Vegas sign you pretty much think they are going to land ON you.  

We got up for our full day in town and headed to Circus Circus so the kids could enjoy the, you guessed it, circus.  We saw a clown act, ladder act and trapeze act.  It’s not the huge circus experience but it’s up-close and FREE.  The kids loved it and have now changed their thoughts on what they want to be when they grow up.  If being Park Rangers doesn’t work out it looks like we’ll have a trick ladder-ist(?) and an areal artist in our midst.  Phoenix was even all eyes loving the music and lights from the performances.  We let the kids each play one arcade game and then headed to lunch and back to the camper so Evan could get some work done and so the rest of us could nap in preparation for a long night out.  I’ll let you guess if I was the nap ring leader or not but here’s a hint: I’m not as young as I once was.  

When we went back to the strip it was go time.  We had walking shoes on and our list of places to see in hand.  We saw the volcano erupt at The Mirage (the fire was NOT Kyrie’s favorite thing).  We walked through the grounds of Caesars Palace and it’s shopping mall which hands down wins the award for the most beautiful and expensive mall I’ve ever entered.  We went into the National Geographic Art Gallery in the mall and the photos were stunning.  I don’t have proof but I’m pretty sure there was drool in Evan’s beard.  There were signs nicely pointing us towards associates that would help us set up financing for the photos we wanted to take home.  I’ll pass but if other folks are shelling their dough out for amazing pictures can we get Evan’s work on those walls somehow please?  Next up was the fountains at the Bellagio where we saw two rounds of the water show and then M&M World.  After those destinations we had burned 4 hours, walked as many miles and still not eaten supper. We loaded up, grabbed some tacos and headed back towards bed. Gray said “we stayed up all night just like real Vegas people do.”  He apparently noted all the people still on the streets when we said it was time to go.  

We talked this morning about how we are glad we went to Vegas with the kids at this point in their lives.  They are old enough to think that the lights and free little side shows are super cool but young enough to not have a clue what could potentially be happening around them.  Their eyes were mostly shielded because they are too short to see over the crowds and there were too many feet shuffling to be able to see much of anything on the ground.  The most constant thing they were exposed to was the use of language by the other tourists.  I’m not saying that my mouth is perfect and I’m not shocked by much but I am saying that Sailors were blushing. On the brighter side, the kids LOVE to dance so the 24/7 music in Vegas meant 24/7 dance party in their books.  Have you ever tried to keep a tight grip on a kids hand while walking through crowds of people as they bust out their best dance moves?  We have and it’s a special skill set.  Where’s my badge?


If you don’t want people to hand you things while in Vegas keep your hands full.  Two preschoolers and an infant will do the trick.

Google “10 free things to do in Vegas.” Great suggestions are offered that are all family friendly.  The Circus Circus shows aren’t included but add them to your list if you are traveling with kids.

Take the afternoon nap.



To the 85 year old lady rocking the 6 inch heals and sequin dress, you go girl.

To the other families that were so kind to us at the Volcano and Fountain shows, thank you and solidarity. 

To the mostly naked showgirls on the street who didn’t approach my husband or kids, 1000 points to you.


I Don’t Think So’s:

To the guy getting WAY TO CLOSE TO ME with the snake around his neck, JUST STOP. I don’t think so!

To the peddlers attempting to to sell my kids balloons and flashy things they don’t need and trying to hand them directly to them before I have a chance to even say no, way to make the best out of your job but JUST STOP.  I don’t think so!

To all the people who think it’s ok to walk down the street and use the F word twice in every. single. sentence. when there are kids everywhere. JUST STOP.  I don’t think so!

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