Is it a Good Friday?

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Yesterday was our longest driving day as of yet.  We took our time getting from Caprock Canyon, Texas to Red Rock Park, New Mexico. 

Gray and Kyrie loved driving through New Mexico and are now proud owners of New Mexican ponchos.  Sadly, there were no onesie ponchos to be found for Phoenix.  Albuquerque was our favorite pass-through spot and we stopped there to have some great (and whoah spicy) Mexican food.  We loved how the roads in Albuquerque went through the mountains and continued downhill for what seemed like ages. It was late when we got to Red Rock so it was sweet to wake up this morning in the desert and see those red rocks all around us.

Today we are bound for the Grand Canyon by way of the Petrified Forest. The truly insane views are about to hit us in the face and we couldn't be happier about it!

Today, however, isn't just about driving to the next big location and seeing the next cool thing.  Today is about sacrifice and love.  Today is Good Friday.  On Good Friday we take time to reflect on God's great love for us and the sacrifice of His son.  Jesus took all the messy and stupid things I do and said "Meagan, I've got this."  Jesus saw my sin and my guilt and my pride and DIED FOR ME ANYWAY.  I live a life where my wrongdoings should cost me everything but God has already given His everything on my behalf. That is some heavy and crazy wonderful stuff!

On Sunday we will celebrate Easter and the fact that JESUS DID NOT STAY DEAD (can I get an Amen)!  It is the greatest day of the year and the day that should be celebrated on every other day of the year.  Our LIFE IS NOTHING without a risen Christ.  But today, I'm going to let myself remember the death so I can rejoice in the life on Sunday.  Good Friday seems like a terrible name for a day when we remember the death of a flawless Savior but it becomes the perfect name when we remember that it's His death that gives us life.  Thank you Lord for loving me enough to take on the cross. 

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